Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme

Government of Chhattisgarh
Department of Panchayat and Rural Development

Success Stories
Raipur Rajnandgaon Surguja Dhamtari
                                                                                                      Amli-Dam Minor Irrigation Project
                                                                District: Dhamtari           Block: Dhamtari                Gram Panchayat: Chikhli

Village Mateghan is situated in a distance of 55 kms. Village Mateghan is situated in a distance of 55 kms.  from Dhamtari town in southern part of the drown area of Ravishankar sagar project. It is surrounded in north by drown area in south-east Kanker District and in west river Mahanadi. Due to its geographical condition and more dense population of tribes it is ignored through the main stream of development.  There are 270 families in the village. Since the area is hilly, there are no irrigation facilities. In the year-2005, villager’s demanded an irrigation dam from honourable Chief Minister during his visit in Gram Suraj Abhiyan. On the direction of respected chief minister.

This project is most important for the integrated development of villagers. The villagers are very happy to see such an excellent work and also they are satisfied to get employment in their own area. Through this project one side the 125-Acre land of 70 farmers will get increased crop production and in other hand income generation will certainly increase their living standard. As most of the beneficiaries belongs to backward and Tribe class. It certainly fulfills the purpose of Employment Guarantee Scheme.

Achievements: -

  • Sure irrigation in 125 acres for Kharif season
  • Increase in water level
  • Encouragement to double crop system
  • Increase in employment chance
  • Generation of living activities like animal husbandry, poultry etc.
  • Improvement of natural resources and balance in eco-system
  • Increase of forest due to availability of water
  • Supporting weather to avoid heavy rain etc.
  • Community development thoughts to maintain the dam
  • Drinking water and natural fodder for catals 
  • Increase of selling price of agricultural land.
  • Perfect utilization of local natural resources
  • Improvement in socio-economics living standard.
  • Increase in sanitation facilities.
                                                                                                                    Kanharpuri Tar Bundh
                                                            District: Dhamtari             Block: Kurud             Gram Panchayat: Kanharpuri
The area of village Kanharpuri irrigated from tail of Knaharpuri minor of Dy. No. 4 arpuri minor of Dy. No. 4 of MMC. It is very difficult to irrigate the area about 50-60 Ha. In Khareif Season. The villagers has also suffered from drinking water and Nistari problem in summer season.The Tar Bundh is being constructed in the area of 14 Acres and filling capacity of tank is 3.11 million cubic feet. The Tar Bundh will be connected with water course of 22600 M Left side of Mahanadi Main Canal , so that the water will remain always in full capacity in both season.            
The construction of Tar Bundh is in progress. The 40% Earth of Bund has done, The foundation of structure of waste weir has completed. At present collection of material is beng done speedily. So that the work can be completed in stipulated time.
 After construction of Tar Bundh, the irrigation facilities has been improved for area 50-60 Ha. As well as 15 Ha. Un-irrigated area will be achieved for irrigation facilities to the cultivator for Kharief and summer paddy and also the drinking water and Nistari problem will be solved.

                                                                                                                      Baiga Pond Deepening
                                                                District: Dhamtari              Block: Kurud        Gram Panchayat: Karga
Gram panchayat Karga is situated near by Kurud block. total population of g.p. is 1695, under it number of male person’s are 810 and female’s are 785. under NREGA 502 families are registered & 234 families are beneficiaries. Work baiga pond deepening was sanctioned in fin year 2006-07, administrative sanction of work is Rs. 3.78 lakh and expenditure is Rs. 3.75 lakh. In this work total 234 families are beneficiaries and total mandays generated is 5985. when the above work was inprogress max. no. of labours were 406 and min. no. of labours were 195. The villagers of Karga g.p. were facing the problem of nistari then they demand for the work of pond deepening. this work comes under water conservation activity which is in no. 1 of priority of activity of NREGA. After completion of work water level and irrigation facility is increased and problem of nistari is also solved.

                                                                                                                          Jotropha Plantation
                                                                   District: Dhamtari      Block: Dhamtari       Gram Panchayat: Tumrabahar
Gram- Kashawahi is place, where near about 50 thousands Gram- Kashawahi is place, where near about 50 thousands  Jatropha plant are planted in near about 20 hec. Of land which was completely unutilized and Barren. It is another name of energy plantation. At village level , there is a big problem of Diesel & Electricity. For reducing above problems Jatropha  plantation is good source. The seed of Jatropha contains oil which is option of Diesel and it also helps in reducing the pollution.